Product Overview
Introducing the Grand WiFi Camera PRO Model II!
The Grand Wi-Fi Camera PRO with night vision can be used in a wireless environment (wireless ip camera) . You can use Internet Explorer browser to remotely view and monitor your home or baby room from anywhere in the world via the internet or the local wireless network. Coupled with an embedded web server, Grand Wi-Fi Camera PRO is more than just a wireless IP camera.
There are many applications for The Grand Wi-Fi PRO Wireless IP Camera:
  • Grand Wi-Fi Camera PRO can be used in a wireless environment.
  • You can use Internet Explorer browser to remotely view and monitor your home or baby room from anywhere via internet.
  • Features built-in 6 infrared LEDs, let you can also see the excellent image in the dark.
  • Supports 4, 9, 16 cameras MPEG-4 recording.

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Product Features Package Contents
  • Sensor
  • Omni Vision (USA)
  • IP Address Auto Detect and Setup
  • Model 2: 4 in 1 ( IP CAM + PC CAM + Wi-Fi CAM + Divx MPEG4 capture).
  • Wi-Fi camera with wireless LAN 802.11g (54Mbps), and also supports 802.11b (11Mbps).
  • High Resolution Image Processor ( 640 x 480 320 x 240 176 x 144 ).
  • Ethernet RJ-45,10/100 Base-T auto-sense.
  • Remote view through the IE browser using an IP address
  • Supports multi languages OSD: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, French, Japanese, Traditional Chinese
  • Supports multi languages manual: English, German, Netherlands, French.
  • 6 infrared LEDs and special lens supports the night vision function.
  • Supports many valuable Internet services: Email, FTP, PPPoE, Dynamic DNS, NTP service, User Management, and Image Quality Control.
  • USB 1.1 Interface, compatible with Microsoft MSN and NetMeeting


  1. GRAND Wi-Fi Camera PRO - Wireless IP camera
  2. RJ-45 Cable (cross over wire)
  3. Power Adapter DC 5V / 2A
  4. Quick Start
  5. Driver CD (user manual/IP Detect Soft/Software)
  6. Camera Mounting Bracket
  7. USB Cable

Download the wireless IP Camera User Manual

Bundled Surveillance Software with the following functions:

  • DIVX MPEG 4 capture
  • MPEG 4 Video File Management: Video File DataBase and Playback Control
  • Storage Recyclable: When running out of disk space, files with the earliest date will be overwrite automatically
  • Motion Detection: Detect any movement in the mask area and invoke the alarm as soon as movement is detected.

System Requirements:

  • Router( with DDNS or PPPoE function ) is required
  • 10Base-T Ethernet or 100Base TX Fast Ethernet
  • Intel Pentium3 800 MHz, AMD 800 MHz or Faster
  • 64M RAM or above
  • VGA card with 8MB memory or above
  • Microsoft DirectX 9
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or above
 Product Specifications & Connectivity
  • Reset Button: When you change the mode between PC CAM (USB), IP CAM, Wi-Fi CAM or set the camera, you must reset (reboot) the system.
  • Default Button: If you forget the IP address or ID password, you can restore the original default parameters.
  • USB Interface: Connects to the USB port of PC. (use for PC CAM)
  • 6 Infrared LEDs: To provide excellent image in the dark.
  • Ready LED: Indicates the IP CAM can be operated when the LED is turned on.
  • PC / IP Switch: Change the mode between PC CAM (USB) and IP CAM.
  • Wireless / RJ45 Switch: Change the mode between Wi-Fi CAM and IP CAM.
  • RJ 45 Input: Connects to router or PC by RJ-45 cable(cross over wire).
  • DC IN: Connects to power adapter. (DC 5V)
  • Indicator LEDs
  • 10 / 100 T Base LED: Indicates the network status.
  • Link LED: Indicates the IP CAM is connected to the network when the LED is turned on.
  • Full / Collision LED: Indicates the transmission way of data is full-duplex or half-duplex.




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